Saturday, August 3, 2019

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Hannibal: Smokin' Is Voluntary/Two Parties My ASS!/Other Random Stuff **Disclaimer: The hate on this page is omni-directional, and you will most likely be offended. I usually update and add to the content when I'm pissed, so don't get your fucking panties in a bunch if you hear something that you disagree with or is insulting. And if you do, you fuckin' suck cocks and should never use the internet, which is filled with free speech and opposing opinions. Fuck off asshole.** Goddamn, if I hear or see another add, public service anouncement, or other jerk off on TV telling me how legal, private, cigarette companies are responsible for people starting and continuing to smoke, I'm going to load my rifle, sit in front of a mirror, and see what it would look like to paint a room with my brains!!! Smoking is fucking voluntary! If you think it's wrong, if you think it shortens your lifespan, or has any other effect other than the ones that we already know fuck you up, don't do it!!!! Son of a bitch, don't scapegoat a seller/producer of a legal and overly regulated product if you can't get it through your skull that inhaling any kind of smoke will destroy lung tissue! Take some fucking responsibility and/or accountability you bleeding heart burnouts!!! Message To Gore...To Bush: Fuck off! You both suck, you dishonor the memory of the revolutionaries who took up the gun to assure that the soil we stand on would be free. C'mon Gore!!! Not fundraising? Geez, you have to be a lobotomized mental patient/a hardcore Democrat to actually believe that! Maybe if you took long hard look at what the teacher's unions are doing to the youth of America by controling you (i.e., making it so that public schools maintain a virtual monopoly on education and therefore removing any need to compete and improve in-class conditions) or how you betrayed everyone who voted you into the senate (since you sold out to Clinton when you were an upstanding Tennessee man who voted to get the government off our asses when it came to gun control), you'd do the world a favor by killing yourself. O Bushy Boy... Ah, you disgrace the history of the Republican party...You trivialize everything that the Republican party used to stand for (less government, control of your own money, instilling moral/ethical values)...You're the lesser of two evils and most American will choose you...but the CIA chose the lesser of two evils years ago in the Middle East, decided to fund him, train him,

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